About Rina

Connection is the key to Recovery.

No one wants to hear, or feel, that who we are is not okay.  Currently, there is precious little data available, or even collected about Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Why? Too many people aren’t even aware that GAD is a thing.  There is not enough talk.  As a result, GAD can be isolating, because it’s tough to isolate.

Creativity is my flashlight.  Humour helps me open conversations, raise awareness and welcome people to open up about their own vulnerabilities.  Sharing our stories enlarges communities and builds acceptance, and understanding.  My hope, and my motivation for my work, is that we’ll build more resources for folks living with GAD, and for their families and friends who love them.

Imagine being able to give people the tools they need to manage well BEFORE they crash.  Before they turn to self-loathing and self-harm.  No one recovers from mental illness alone.  We CAN do something to change lives.  Let’s help each other smash the stigma by talking ‘til we’re true in the face.




Rina Varley holds a Master’s Degree in Drama from the University of Guelph. A long-standing member of Emerald Pig Theatrical Society, Surrey Little Theatre, and Langley Players Drama Club, Rina has performed lead roles in several community theatre productions. Rina is also one of three co-founding members of Fine Whine Productions (est. 2007). In 2014, Rina founded her own theatre company, GAD to Be Alive Productions.

Rina Varley
Actor, Writer, Recovering Perfectionist, Generalized Anxiety Disorder Advocate