Here’s what audiences are saying

about Rina’s touching tale, MiND FuLL.

“As a Professional Counsellor, I would highly recommend Rina Varley as she presents her one-woman show about GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Her play is transparent and poignant, understandable as she pulls from her own painful and sometimes depressing experience of living with GAD. She is, in fact brilliant, in this one woman show and clearly educates everyone who sees this production about the challenges of living with GAD. She pulls on the emotional noise within all of us (personal and professional). I encourage any group, and particularly professionals who may work with people who have this mental health challenge, to hire her to present this important piece to their group. There is a big difference from learning about it in a classroom, to actually being able to crawl under the skin of this talented woman and experience her life through her mind. This was a class act and so is Rina!”

Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling
Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Rina captivates her audience with a vivid story, deepening awareness and understanding of anxiety and mental health, and stimulating reflection on how we can support others.”

Assistant Vice President, Talent
First West Credit Union

“I was thoroughly moved by MiND FuLL.  I completely forgot that we were in a meeting room…I was lost in Rina’s performance and her message.  Her humor, authenticity and willingness to put herself out there is not only inspiring but motivating as well.  Hearing her depiction of her journey shone a new light on everything.”

Manager, Benefits and Wellbeing – People Services Team
First West Credit Union

“Rina’s candor and sense of humour is heartwarming and inspirational; her story lays bare what it is like to live with an anxiety disorder.”

Genetic Counsellor

“MiND FuLL was very raw and beautiful. Rina showed true vulnerability and openness.  Seeing Rina’s  disorder through performance gives great insight and provides hope for the present moment and future.  MiND FuLL brings awareness through Rina’s unique storytelling, comedy and style!”

Research Coordinator 

Women’s Health Research Institute

“Normalizing, inspiring and commanded both compassion and laughter.”

Canada Research Chair & Associate Professor
UBC Departments of Psychiatry and Medical Genetics

“An intimate journey of living with an anxiety disorder; from the dark, scary times to acceptance and self-love.”

Genetic Counsellor
Clinical Instructor

“I attended Rina’s production of MiND FuLL at CFB Esquimalt, which was put on in support of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Rina’s open, honest and absolute sharing of her experiences has truly inspired me to be so much more MiND FuLL of persons with mental health issues. I could relate to some of her childhood experiences and found myself wondering how is it that different people have different outcomes. Thank you, Rina.”

Lieutenant Commander
Joint Personnel Support Unit Pacific
Department of National Defence


“MiNDFuLL is an excellent way to share in the experience of anxiety through performance. In a thought-provoking, informative and entertaining way, Rina’s authenticity, honesty, and humour allows audiences with or without anxiety to understand the challenges others face and the bravery in their perseverance.”

Human Resources Programs Officer for Employment Equity, Department of National Defence

“Rina’s performance of MiND FuLL at our Women and Wellness event was outstanding.  Rina captured the audience with her ability to carry each person through her journey using insightfulness, humour and self-reflection.  Rina provided us with a riveting acting performance.  We would have Rina return knowing that her talents would enlighten us once again.”

Executive Director

Canadian Mental Health Association; Vernon and District Branch

“Rina’s humour allows audiences access into the experience of mental illness (and recovery) with hope. You can’t help but cheer for her and walk away inspired. Go see this show!”

Mental Health Speaker, Actor, Writer, Crazy for Life Co.

“As someone with panic disorder, hearing Rina’s heartwarming and hilarious play made me feel more normal”

Clinical Assistant Professor
UBC Department of Psychiatry

“Empowering for individuals with anxiety, but also to parents who may be wondering how to best support their children.”

Senior Research Genetic Counsellor, UBC Department of Psychiatry,
Institute of Mental Health, Centre for Care and Research, Clinical Research Coordinator, UBC

“Riveting, humorous, poignant and insightful expose of Rina’s personal lived experiences. MiND FuLL should be performed at every high school, university, community center and health authority that is interested in reducing stigma by educating and enlightening the public.”

Canadian Mental Health Association
Vancouver-Fraser Branch, ECHO Program

“A stunning performance! Through her own vulnerability and journey dealing with GAD, Rina’s work has the kind of depth and breath solo shows long for, in the soil of humor and humility. A must see!”

Performance Artist, Educator, Writer

“The play MiND FuLL is an intimate and entertaining look at the impact mental illness can have on one’s life, all the way from childhood to adulthood. Rina brings us into her world and helps us to realize the vast difference there can be from what we present to others and how we really feel inside. After the show, many people who attended felt comfortable opening up about their own struggles. One lady told me that she had been struggling recently with low mood and anxiety and almost didn’t come to the show because of it; but she said that she was so glad that she made it, because she felt better after seeing the show, she said it made her feel less alone. MiND FuLL is a highly engaging, skillfully executed show that stimulates conversation about mental illness and strengthens our connections to one another.”

Bounce Back Regional Coordinator-Okanagan/Shuswap Region
Canadian Mental Health Association, Vernon & District Branch